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redcowboyboots asked: Hey Kali! Awesome new blog, it's made me pine for my favorite sandwich at On The Hill- it's called The Eutaw and it's made of spinach, beats, avocado, spicy mayo, and goat cheese. So tasty and also pretty, you should go enjoy one for me while I'm out of town! -Devin


Hey Devin! I hope you’re having fun outside of Baltimore! :)
Yesss, On the Hill has some awesome sandwiches—I haven’t tried the Eutaw though! I definitely will next time, thanks for the tip!

Have you been to the Bolton Hill Deli next to the commons? The sandwiches there aren’t as fancy—though I usually just get a BLT anyway—but they are cheaper, AND they have a mindblowing Chai milkshake. ;) (always a bonus for me)

In fact, I should probably try making that milkshake at home…I’m pretty sure it’s only vanilla ice cream, milk, and some of that concentrated chai liquid (like Oregon chai). Whoops, now I’m hungry again!

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