Question? Food Suggestion?   an illustrated food diary by Kali Ciesemier
Kali Draws

As a youngster one of my favorite things to do was look through all my illustrated kids books and pick out my favorite drawings of food from each one (ALL DESSERTS), and then I’d draw my own favorite foods (ALL DESSERTS) on little pieces of paper. Some things never change!

Since I’m still booked with a bunch of illustration work to do, I unearthed some of these early, early Kali Eats drawings—circa gradeschool/jr. high. Though technically most of these drawings are things I wanted to eat…I didn’t actually have 3 cakes, chips, a sundae, and a box of ‘yums’ all at once, though I’m sure I tried.
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    OMG I RECOGNIZE THESE THEY’RE FROM BERENSTAIN BEARS I’M SO SAD, LOLOLOL (but I loved the food too) (and I also drew food...
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