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Anonymous asked: hi! I just discovered your site through Very Short List. Did the inspiration for some of your childhood drawings come from "Berenstein Bears and Too Much Junk Food" by any chance? I too was obsessed with illustrations of food in children's books when I was a kid, and that one had lots of "Yums" and other fun things to look at. The Brambly Hedge books were another favorite. Boy, those mice could eat. thanks! Sarah


Haha, you are spot-on, Sarah! Yep, a lot of those little childhood drawings are copied from that book. I don’t remember The Brambly Hedge, but I think there was another book I liked about mice and a big strawberry?? I totally forgot the name. Mice are apparently big eaters!

And hopefully someday soon I will have enough spare time between projects to update this site…I’m glad people are still finding and enjoying it, though!

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